MAPC holds first MetroCommon 2050 Listening Session in Salem

MAPC kicks off 2019 with a MetroCommon 2050 Community Listening Session in Salem on January 8th. Hosted at Salem's Old Town Hall, in an exhibit-esque format, the event engaged over 100 community members through various thought-provoking and conversational activities. Participants shared their vision of their community and the region as a whole, engaged with MAPC staff, and as a result, learned more about the regional plan efforts.

The expo featured over 10 different stations that gave participants a chance to interact with the regional plan and to share their vision for the future of 2050. From learning about the region through data visualization, to storytelling, and taking selfies with a giant arrow, the event brought together community members and sparked regional thinking.

Materials from the Open House Expo

Future Listening sessions

January 30, 2019 - Castle Island Brewing Co in Norwood

February 28, 2019 - Nevins Hall in Framingham

About MetroCommon 2050

MetroCommon 2050 is Greater Boston's next long-range regional plan. It will let those of us who live, work, and play here imagine and create the common future we want –– together. In developing the plan, we will engage thousands of people. With your help, the plan will be bold and actionable, it will be right for the region, and it will lead to real change.

Greater Boston is made up of 101 cities and towns and many neighborhoods. Each one is proud of what sets it apart: its history, its culture, and its priorities. Our local focus is part of who we are, and it’s a source of vitality and community strength. We also have much in common. Making sure all have a true chance to thrive, that housing, infrastructure, and open spaces meet our real needs, and addressing climate change: these are issues bigger than any one place. Moving toward the future we want will mean working across municipal and neighborhood lines, considering regional needs and furthering regional solutions. That is what MetroCommon 2050 is all about. MetroCommon will look at many topics, from housing policy and zoning to public health and infrastructure. We’ll need your help to tackle the most pressing issues: equity of wealth and health, climate mitigation and resiliency, housing, growth and mobility, and dynamic, inclusive, and collaborative governance. For more information visit