School Food Purchasing

School Food Purchasing

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MAPC is dedicated to lifting the administrative burden from municipalities to help them procure – and save on – a full range of apparatus, equipment, and services.

That includes school lunches.

MAPC’s procurement specialists make it easy to save time and money by offering various contracts.


Jessika Brenin, Public Health & Food Systems Planner
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Kelsi Champley, MAPC’s Procurement Services Manger
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Marjorie WeinbergerProcurement Services Manager/Senior Counsel
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School Food Purchasing

MAPC has partnered with Massachusetts Farm to School to support the Northeast Food for Schools program. We conducted a Request for Proposal (RFP) procurement that enables Massachusetts school districts to more easily set up independent contracts with awarded vendors to purchase healthy and regional food for the 2023-2024 school year. Schools using the MAPC RFP do not need to undertake additional procurement processes (e.g., 3 quotes / RFQ, RFP, IFB) during their contracting process.

Learn more about products, prices, and contact information for the Awarded Vendors below. Reach out to awarded vendors you are interested in working with to discuss a purchasing relationship.


Need documentation?

Click below to access the RFP bid. *If you need further documentation, please reach out to Jessika Brenin at


Need help with contracting?

  • Reach out to your municipality or school district’s legal counsel for a base contract.
  • Edit and reuse an existing contract you have with school food vendors.
  • Click HERE to see a general sample contract. *This contract must be edited to include any legal requirements specific to your municipality / school district.

Awarded Vendors | Northeast Produce 2023 Request for Proposals