Arts Indicators for an Equitable Recovery

Capitol Theater photo via Tim Pierce, Wikimedia CC BY 3.0
Capitol Theater photo via Tim Pierce, Wikimedia CC BY 3.0
Arts Indicators for an Equitable Recovery

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Local Arts Indicators For An Equitable Recovery in the Region

To help municipalities chart a path to response and recovery for local arts and cultural organizations, MAPC is working with four communities to document the impact of COVID-19 on:

  • artists, arts and culture organizations, and creative enterprises
  • events, programming, and activities that make arts and culture a foundation of civic life and social cohesion

MAPC is working with Arlington, Boston, Beverly, and Franklin to identify and amplify response strategies in their local arts and culture communities. Through the course of this project, we will also collect data to measure the impact of COVID-19, and use that baseline data to establish metrics and tools to regularly assess the municipalities' arts and culture sectors.


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Take the Survey!

If you are a creative worker or cultural organization in Arlington, Beverly, Boston, or Franklin, take this survey to help us understand the state of the arts & culture sector.


Across the region, arts and culture has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic. As communities struggle to contain the virus and meet basic community needs, the arts have become a path to hope and recovery. At the same time, artists and arts and cultural organizations themselves have experienced devastating losses of income and revenue and face an uncertain future.  

This project will quantify and document the current arts and culture economy and available programming in our partner cities and towns. This data, along with response strategies, will help arts organizations, municipalities, state agencies, and nonprofits recognize and respond to the the impact of COVID-19 on artists, arts organizations, and the local creative economy.

About the Project

We're planning to gather data to inform these indicators and recommendations in three ways:

Survey creative workers from Arlington, Beverly, Boston, and Franklin.


Conduct Focus Groups

With representatives from performing arts venues, municipalities.


Gather Data

Document data on the impact of COVID-19 on the arts and culture sector

Our Partners

Town of Arlington


Town of Beverly


City of Boston


Town of Franklin