Braintree Ivory Street Corridor: A Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Opportunity


The Town of Braintree partnered with MAPC, property owners, business owners, and residents to shape a vision for the 100 acres north and south of the MBTA’s Braintree Red Line Station.  As part of the community’s ongoing planning, Braintree recognizes that the Ivory Street Corridor area is transitioning from earlier development patterns and has the potential for different land uses, maximizing opportunities and revenue for the property owners and for the Town. Braintree wished to pursue this planning challenge, and MAPC was pleased to assist.

The elements of this project include:

  • Community Engagement, including a “Day at the T” and focus groups with nearby           residents to ask what people would like to see in the future;
  • The Vision Statement seeks to describe the future welcoming gateway to Braintree,           including a mix of uses with new residences, offices, retail, and restaurants, all with better connectivity between the MBTA Station and among the uses.
  • Market Analysis reviews data to determine the demand for residential and commercial     development in this area.
  • Development Scenarios demonstrates, visually, how the area could be incrementally transformed to realize the vision.
  • Zoning Recommendations suggest how Braintree’s existing land use regulations could be modified to encourage the uses and densities shown in the Development Scenarios.
  • A Transportation Analysis recommends improvements to make walking, biking, transit and driving safer and easier for all users.


The project includes long and short-term recommendations for Land Use and Zoning and Transportation.

The complete report, as well as Appendix A: Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. transportation analysis and Appendix B: MAPC’s Development Scenario, may be downloaded at the top right corner of the page.