Creative COVID-19 Communications

Creative COVID-19 Communications

Creative COVID-19 Communications

Free-to-use graphics, videos, and more! Download the resources below and use them to encourage COVID-19 vaccination in your community. Artists appreciate credit, but it's not required to use!

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Looking for more information about getting your COVID-19 vaccine?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, MAPC’s Arts & Culture and Public Health teams partnered with local artists and designers to produce creative, culturally resonant communications about COVID-19 and vaccinations.

MAPC hired nine artists and artist groups to create materials encouraging under-served communities to get vaccinated. The artists produced a series of communications materials in 2021 and many updated their materials in 2022 to reflect updated COVID safety advice, including getting booster shots and wearing high-quality masks.

These materials are available for public use. Municipalities, health agencies, community groups, and members of the public can freely use them to encourage vaccinations in their communities.

These artworks were commissioned by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council for public use and funded in part by the Barr Foundation.

How to Use These Resources

The graphics, videos, photos, and materials below are free to use. Download them in different formats by clicking the associated links. Materials are sorted by artist.

Have any questions? Would you like these materials in a different format? Are you a local public health provider or community-based organization seeking access to print versions of these materials for physical distribution? Contact Elise Harmon at

More Information

Chelvanaya Gabriel

Mensajes de Esperanza/
Messages of Hope

Type: Postcards with writing prompts, illustrations

Languages: Spanish and English

Inspired by story circles with Holyoke's Puerto Rican/Afro-Caribbean communities, Chelvanaya Gabriel incorporated residents’ own words into postcard designs with prompts about COVID-19 and vaccination.

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Chinatown Project

The Chinatown Project

Type: Posters

Languages: Chinese and English

The Chinatown Project's poster series appeared in storefronts across Chinatown and depicts local business owners talking about the importance of vaccinations and other COVID-19 health precautions.

The group's series of posters in 2021 encouraged vaccination and masking. The 2022 update encourages booster shots and continued COVID safety.

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Elevated Thought

Because We Care/ Sleeve Up/
Manga Arrbia

Type: Posters and mural

Languages: English and Spanish

Mural: Sleeves Up/Manga Arriba, a mural depicting a woman rolling up her sleeve to get the COVID-19 vaccine, is located on a wall in the 316 Common Street Parking Lot in Lawrence, across the street from the Buckley Transportation Center.

Video: Short video with Lawrence community members describing their reasons for getting vaccinated, in English and Spanish.

Posters: Two poster designs in English and Spanish can be printed or shared online! Updated in 2022 to include N96 masks and encourage people to stay up-to-date on their COVID-19 vaccines.

Visit Elevated Thought's Lawrence Mural in the 316 Common Street parking lot!
Visit Elevated Thought's Lawrence Mural in the 316 Common Street parking lot!

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[English] Because We Care
[Spanish] Sleeve Up

Greater Boston Artist Collective

Our New Start

Type: Videos

Languages: English and Spanish

Available in English and Spanish with subtitles in both languages, "Our New Start" depicts people getting vaccinated at the Reggie Louis Center.

Krina Patel

For You. For Me. For All of Us.

Type: Illustrations, Graphics, Gif

Languages: Haitian Creole

Krina Patel worked with Boston's Haitian American community to create a series of illustrations and a gif. In each illustration, she highlights a different member of the community, with the phrase "Mwen pran vaksen pou Covid-19. Eske ou pran li deja? Si non, mwen ankouraje-w pou-w pran li." This translates to "I've already been vaccinated for COVID-19. Have you? If not, you should."

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Lillian Lee/Empty Bamboo Girl

加油! Add Oil!

Type: Comics, social media graphics, posters, animated gifts, and web graphics

Languages: English and Chinese

Lillian Lee chose the Cantonese/Hong Kong slang 加油! Add Oil! to be the rallying cry for the community to get their vaccine and to stay safe. Her comics, animated gifs, prints, and web graphics are designed to connect to the Chinese immigrant community. Updated 2022.

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Rachel Domond

We Keep Us Safe

Type: Social media graphics, illustrations, social media, coloring sheets

Languages: English, Haitian Creole, Cape Verdean Creole, Spanish

Illustrations with the phrase "We Keep Us Safe" in multiple languages encourage mask-wearing and inspire audiences to follow public health advice to protect each other. Updated in 2022.

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Shaina Lu

Safer Together

Type: Social media graphics, infographics, illustrations

Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Haitian Creole, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Vietnamese

Shaina Lu's graphics were designed to appeal to her home community of Malden but are universally useful. The series of four images contain information about protecting the community, how to sign up for a vaccine, and vaccine side effects. Updated in 2022.

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Tran Vu

Vaccine Activities, Images, & Infographics

Type: Social media graphics, infographics, postcards, stickers, illustrations

Languages: English and Vietnamese

Use this wide variety of images and activities to spread the word about vaccinations on social media and entertain people at vaccination sites! Updated in 2022.

Click the thumbnails to the right to expand and save to your computer!

Graphics include:

  • Safe at Home Bingo in English and Vietnamese
  • Vaccine Word Search (Click here for answer sheet)
  • Stickers
  • Infographics
  • Postcard
  • Stickers
  • Graphics for social media