Watertown Public Arts Master Plan

"Linear path" mural by Gree Bernstein with Watertown High School student artists. Photo by Janet Jameson

"Linear Path" mural by Gregg Bernstein with Watertown High School student artists. Photo by Janet Jameson. Credit: Watertown Public Arts and Culture Committee - WPACC Public Arts and Culture Kit

Watertown Public Arts Master Plan


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Public Arts Master Plan

The Town of Watertown has hired MAPC to assist with the creation of a Public Arts Master Plan. The master plan will:

  • Articulate a vision for the ways in which the arts may be infused into the public realm in Watertown
  • An inventory of public arts assets and opportunity areas
  • Recommendations for the creation of a management structure to guide the public art selection process and mechanisms for securing consistent funding streams for the development, construction, and maintenance of commissioned projects

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For more information about the project, contact MAPC Arts & Culture Director Jennifer Erickson:  jerickson@mapc.org, 617-933-0759


Getting it Done: Creating a Thriving Public Arts Ecosystem in Watertown

Community Conversation and Workshop
Thursday, January 9, 2020
6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Watertown Free Public Library: Watertown Savings Bank Meeting Room

Join the Town of Watertown’s Public Arts Master Plan Advisory Committee on January 9 for a workshop exploring how we can shape a public arts program that speaks to Watertown’s community values.

Learn more and register here.

Watertown Public Arts Interest Survey

In 2018, the Watertown Public Arts & Culture Committee published the Watertown Public Arts and Culture Kit  (WPACK) in order to generate ideas and support for public arts.

The committee seeks your input on how to put the ideas and inspiration captured by WPACK into action. Watertown residents: please take a moment now to complete the survey and tell us about the types of public arts you hope to see more of in Watertown! 

To take the survey, click here or visit mapc.ma/art-interest-watertown!

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Since the Town completed its Master Plan in 2015, it has followed through with the recommendation to establish a Public Arts and Culture Committee, although it has grown organically and isn’t a formal Town appointed committee. In January 2018, the Committee also completed the Watertown Public Arts and Culture Kit: A Resource Guide to Exploring Opportunities for Public Art. The publication features numerous examples of successful public art and placemaking projects, encouraging people and facilities to integrate more art and creative ideas in the public spaces throughout the Town.  In spring of 2018, the Town requested MAPC technical assistance to create a public arts master plan to steward implementation of the Resource Guide and strategically advance the vision of incorporating public arts into plans for private developments, shared public/private space, and public spaces.

Partner Roles

MAPC will lead the production of project deliverables including development and co-implementation of a data collection process, the community engagement strategy, and preparation of the final deliverable.

Town of Watertown Department of Community Development and Planning (WDCDP) will oversee the development of the Public Arts Master Plan and assemble a Project Advisory Committee that will include members of WPACC, town staff who will have a role in implementation of the Master Plan including Public Works and Recreation, and other members of the community from the nonprofit and private sector, as appropriate. WDCDP will also assist MAPC by assembling and collecting data on the existing public arts collection, developing meeting agendas, securing meeting and event locations and refreshments, conducting communications and publicity work to promote the project, and providing early feedback on draft deliverables.

The Public Arts Master Plan Advisory Committee (Advisory Committee) will assist with the collection of data on Watertown public arts, and assist with communications, publicity, and community engagement activities to promote the project and related meetings and events, and provide early feedback on draft deliverables. The PAC will draw members from the WDCDP, the Watertown Public Arts and Culture Committee (WPACC) and others from the Watertown community, as appropriate.