Watertown Public Arts Master Plan

"Linear path" mural by Gree Bernstein with Watertown High School student artists. Photo by Janet Jameson

"Linear Path" mural by Gregg Bernstein with Watertown High School student artists. Photo by Janet Jameson. Credit: Watertown Public Arts and Culture Committee - WPACC Public Arts and Culture Kit

Watertown Public Arts Master Plan


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Public Arts Master Plan

.The Town of Watertown hired MAPC to assist with the creation of a Public Arts Master Plan.The plan was officially adopted by the Watertown Town Council on February 23, 2021.

The master plan:

  • Articulates a vision for the ways in which the arts may be infused into the public realm in Watertown
  • Inventories public arts assets and opportunity areas
  • Makes recommendations for the creation of a management structure to guide the public art selection process and mechanisms for securing consistent funding streams for the development, construction, and maintenance of commissioned projects.

The Plan

Click here to download the Watertown Public Arts Master Plan. The document outlines a vision and values for public arts in Watertown, existing conditions, the community engagement  that helped shape the plan, public arts program recommendations, and implementation steps.

Click here to download.


For more information about the project, contact MAPC Arts & Culture Director Annis Sengupta at asengupta@mapc.org.


The mission of the Watertown Public Arts and Culture Program is to integrate creative expressions and ideas into a variety of public settings for the benefit of the people of Watertown and visitors to the community.

This plan envisions a program that leverages artists’ unique abilities to act as connectors
across generations, cultures, and geographies. It aims to support artists in pursuit of inclusive and collaborative projects that nurture the creative potential—and honor and engage the cultural experiences—of Watertown diverse residents, and in which all residents are empowered to take an active role in shaping Watertown’s public cultural life.

Guiding Values

Download the full plan to learn more about these values.

  • Foster diversity and inclusion
  • Bolster creativity in community life
  • Center local context and identities in engaging with Watertown's  past, present, and future
  • Make connections to nature and sustainability
  • Solidify commitments to the public arts through stable funding investments and partnerships

Core Recommendations

Download the plan for more information on these recommendations.

What else is in the plan?

The rest of the plan includes guidance on:

  • Program administration for a public arts authority
  • Project and site selection
  • Artist and artistic concept selection
  • Case studies
  • Collections management
  • Program funding
  • Policy considerations
  • Implementation