LED Street Lighting

NEW Grant Funds 30% of the Cost of LED Retrofit 

Through MAPC, you can access one-time Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) grant funding for 30% of the cost of LED streetlight materials and installation – and get the convenience and peace of mind of collective purchasing.

To be eligible, your city or town must already own its existing streetlights, and commit to OR have completed a streetlight audit.

Learn more from this brief program overview or by contacting Patrick Roche at MAPC (proche@mapc.org or 617-933-0790). You can also watch our kick-off webinar with lots of details about the program, case studies of two municipalities, and tips from the utilities on incentives. Watch here!

Reserve your grant funding today! Fill out this form to initiate the funding reservation process: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/CJWD7PM 


Streetlighting constitutes a significant portion of municipal energy consumption and expenditures. LED streetlight conversions represent an opportunity to reduce this load, and joint procurement of the design, product and installations services can serve to secure more competitive pricing for these projects, leading to a lower overall payback time.

2 Steps to LED Retrofit

Step 1: Buy Back Streetlights from Utility

Step 2: Procure Design, Equipment and Installation Services

Detailed guides for both steps are found below in Resources. Paybacks for streetlight buy back tend to range from <1 to 3 years, depending on how much the existing lights have depreciated. Payback for an LED retrofit average about 7 years, and the equipment comes with a 10 year warranty while the lights are expected to last over 20 years.

NEW - MAPC has a tool to calculate the specific payback for the buy back and/or the retrofit for your community. If interested, contact proche@mapc.org.

Procuring LED Streetlight Retrofit Equipment & Services

MAPC has developed and managed procurements for over 20 communities to provide them with the necessary services to retrofit their streetlights. Procurement options have included:

  • Design & Construction Management: operates like a traditional public works project, with separate procurements for design, equipment and installation. The designer will conduct an inventory audit, develop the design and oversee the entire project as a construction manager, which includes incentive applications and billing changes. Equipment is typically procured through a simple quote system off of State Contract FAC76. Installation is bid out using an Invitation for Bids under M.G.L c.30 §39M for public works construction (this a relatively simple procurement that selects a low bidder that can meet your installation schedule and any other defined requirements). Installation bid can include maintenance if desired.
  • Energy Management Services (EMS): offers a turn-key solution that allows the municipality to utilize a contractor for all phases of the project from audit, design, equipment purchase, installation and can include, if needed, financing, warranty, and maintenance, and can be solicited under M.G.L c.25A §11c or 11i. 

Just need to purchase fixtures? Use the State Contract FAC76! This contract from the Operational Services Division may be used  by any municipality to purchase streetlights. See FAC76: Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Products, Supplies and Services, Category 6: LED Street and Roadway Lighting. The contract user guide is available here.


For more detailed information, refer to the municipal clean energy toolkit topics below:

  • Buy Back Streetlights from Utility - This topic is useful as the first step (unless you already own your streetlights) in reducing energy use through a streetlight retrofit.
  • Retrofit Streetlights with LEDs - This topic outlines all of the steps in a retrofit project including scope of work development, lighting design and fixture selection, implementation, procurement, and financing.

Solicitations for Streetlight Energy Management Services (Ch. 25A)

  • Current Solicitations: RFP for Streetlight Designer & Construction Management, on behalf of Cities of Everett and Leominster and Towns of Andover, Warren, Watertown and Wayland. See legal notice at: http://www.mapc.org/publicmeetings
    • Solicitation for Quotes for Consultant to Perform LED Streetlight Design: Westfield Gas & Electric. This contract was awarded to Tanko Lighting.
    • Designer for LED & Outdoor Lighting for City of Brockton. The designer will conduct an inventory assessment, design the replacement plan, provide specifications for product and installation bids, perform installation project management, and manage rebate and rate change processes. This contract was awarded to RealTerm Energy.

Projected Impact of Energy Management Services Projects on Municipality Energy Use


For more information on any of these projects, contact Patrick Roche, Energy Coordinator, Clean Energy Division, MAPC.