LED Street Lighting


Street lighting constitutes a significant portion of municipal energy consumption and expenditures. LED street light conversions represent an opportunity to reduce this load, and joint procurement of the fixtures can serve to secure more competitive pricing for these projects, leading to a lower overall payback time.

MAPC is working with municipalities and state agencies to support group purchases and individual retrofits of LED street lights and other outdoor lights (parking lots, flood lights, wall packs, etc.).

There are two types of procurement methods: fixture-only purchases and energy management services.

Fixture-only purchases allow for a municipality to purchase lights from the statewide contract (FAC76: Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) Products, Supplies and Services, Category 6: LED Street and Roadway Lighting) and install the lights with their own staff or contracted installers. MAPC is working with the state purchasing department, the Operational Services Division (OSD) to build and maintain a comprehensive and cutting-edge list of products eligible on this contract, and negotiate minimum discounts.

Energy management services (EMS) offer a complete solution that allows the municipality to utilize a contractor for all phases of the contract, including, if needed, financing, warranty, and maintenance, and can be solicited under Chapter 25A section 11C or 11I. Communities interested in participating in group 25A procurements should contact MAPC for more information. Cities, towns or state agencies in Massachusetts interested in participating in a 25A group procurement should submit a letter of interest and lighting summary to proche@mapc.org or fax to 617-482-7185. Download the template letter of interest and lighting summary here.

This program is open to all public entities in Massachusetts and is not exclusive to MAPC members.


For more detailed information, refer to the municipal clean energy toolkit topics below:

This topic is useful as the first step (unless you already own your streetlights) in reducing energy use through a streetlight retrofit.

This topic details the steps and information required to evaluate and plan for a retrofit project.

This topic outlines all of the steps in a retrofit project including scope of work development, lighting design and fixture selection, implementation, procurement, and financing.

Solicitations for Streetlight Energy Management Services (Ch. 25A)

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Projected Impact of Energy Management Services Projects on Municipality Energy Use


For more information on any of these projects, contact Patrick Roche, Energy Coordinator, Clean Energy Division, MAPC.