Beat the heat with ‘Keep Cool’!

Looking for the closest place to cool down when the temps climb higher? We’ve got you covered.

The new ‘Keep Cool’ app, launched this week by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) in Boston, shows nearby spots for cooling off on hot summer days across Greater Boston.

Developed in partnership with the Metropolitan Mayors Coalition, the app features a searchable map of public places to stay cool this summer, alongside resources for learning about heat safety and climate change. Cool locations include public pools, splash pads, ponds, community centers, libraries and beaches. During heat waves, ‘Keep Cool’ will display official municipal cooling centers, which are emergency sites for the elderly and other residents who may not have air conditioning at home and are looking for relief from the heat.

Users can either type in a specific destination or allow the app to show what’s closest to their real-time location, and it can be used from both a desktop and any type of mobile device.

So far, 14 cities and towns have data loaded into the online map, with new and updated information being loaded daily. When a heat wave is in effect, it will automatically include information on the closest special cooling centers, as well as tips for staying safe during extreme weather, including how to recognize and prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

In addition, the app offers information about how climate change may affect summer temperatures in the Boston area, and resources for obtaining rebates on home air conditioning improvements and scheduling home energy assessments.

Check it out! Visit to interact and explore.