North Quincy Small Business Story Tour

21 Jul 2016

Store Owners

July 14, 2016, Quincy, Massachusetts: MAPC’s North Quincy Small Business Story tour focused on immigrant store owners demonstrating the diversity found on the streets of North Quincy. Story Tours are a component of MAPC’s Walks and Talks series where participants are lead through interactive walking tours that showcase a community’s stories.

This tour took participants through a variety of stores and generated discussion about the impact of immigrant business on the community.  Nam Pham, Massachusetts Assistant Secretary of Business Development, said, “Immigrant business is the backbone of our economy.”  With business owners who had emigrated from a range of countries — from Nepal to Bulgaria — the Story Tour was a celebration of opportunities and cultural diversity.

The entrepreneurs told stories about achieving success in North Quincy while maintaining their traditional values and culture. Feroz Pradhan, the manager of Danny’s Hardware, went to Quincy College to learn the skills necessary to take a bigger role in the store.

While explaining the story of their success, every store owner made a point of crediting the community and the restaurants and businesses on that critical intersection of Hancock and Billings Road. Tam Le, the owner of Pho Linh Cuisine of Vietnam stated, “I don’t ask much of the city except for when I was opening when I asked people to come out and it was awesome.” The store owners showed incredible camaraderie and all the businesses demonstrated what it means to build a life by supporting the community around them.

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About the MAPC Walks and Talks Series

Story Tours are Part of MAPC’s MetroFuture Walks & Talks series. These are tours and speaking events that relate to the goals and objectives of the MetroFuture regional plan. These events are run by MAPC’s Community Engagement Department.

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