Action Alert: Climate Roadmap Bill

The climate crisis threatens all of us—and especially Massachusetts' most vulnerable residents. The impacts of climate change are felt unequally throughout our communities. Residents of color are more likely to live in environmental justice areas with high exposure to pollutants, exacerbating their risk for heart and lung disease—conditions correlated with higher COVID-19 death rates.

Earlier this month, Governor Charlie Baker vetoed a strong climate bill (An Act creating a next-generation roadmap for Massachusetts climate policy) that set Massachusetts on a path to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The bill would have set strong interim emissions reductions goals, codified environmental justice into Massachusetts law, increased our renewable energy supply over time, and given municipalities the option to adopt a net zero "stretch" building code.

This new building code, available to municipalities selecting to opt into it, would require net-zero emissions in new buildings. These buildings would get their energy primarily from renewable sources and maximize energy efficiency, reducing a major source of greenhouse gas emissions in Massachusetts. (Click here to learn more about the net-zero building code.)

The Governor's veto on this groundbreaking legislation was a major blow to our role as a national leader in addressing climate change. On January 28, the House and the Senate passed the bill again with the same language. This time, they have time to overturn the Governor's veto.

Use the tool below to send two emails: one to the Governor asking him to support this bill, and one to your state representative and senator, thanking them for passing this legislation and asking them to maintain the current wording of the bill if the Governor vetoes it again. Use our pre-written emails or write your own!