Are You Proud of Your Bylaws and Policies?


We Want to Hear From You!

The Metropolitan Area Planning Council is developing a resource for municipalities looking to adapt policies and bylaws in response to climate change - and we're looking for best practices and examples.

Climate change will bring extreme rainfall, stronger heat waves, more frequent droughts, and coastal flooding. Have you adopted changes that will make your community more resilient?

MAPC communities have added climate language to wetlands bylaws, site plan review, stormwater requirements, zoning, and more. We bet many municipalities have strong protective language or existing policies that were adopted for other reasons, but provide climate resilience - we're interested in those as well.

Does your community have good language to share? MAPC wants to learn about your efforts and get the word out to others.

If you have questions or language that you'd like to share, please contact Senior Environmental Planner Anne Herbst at or 617.933.0781.