Tell Legislators: We Need Transportation Funding!


Stand with us now and tell the Massachusetts House to support comprehensive, statewide transportation funding.

Across the entire state, our underfunded transportation system is leading to congestion, frustration, increased emissions, and stunted economic opportunities in our cities, towns, and regions. Our transportation system isn’t prepared for the challenges of climate change and doesn't provide enough reliable alternatives to car travel. Now is the time for comprehensive solutions to fund the transportation system we have and build the system we need.

On February 26, House leadership released two transportation-related bills: a revenue package and a bond bill. Read MAPC’s statement on the two bills here and MAPC's transportation finance recommendations here.

Your representatives need to know that funding for transportation improvements is desperately needed and that these bills are a priority for their constituents. Click here or use the form below to tell your representative to support H.4508 and H.4506 and amendments to strengthen regional priorities.

MAPC's strongly supports several aspects of the bill:

  • An increase to the Chapter 90 program for municipalities will help cities and towns to invest in critical local road projects.
  • Increasing the fee for Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft while simultaneously implementing important new data requirements will help municipalities plan for and address the impact that TNCs are having in our communities
  • Increasing the gas tax, even a modest amount, will help create new, dedicated funds that can be invested in statewide transportation needs.

Here are the changes we’re asking for:

  • Remove the provision that would reduce the gas tax if we reach an agreement with New England jurisdictions to implement the Transportation and Climate Initiative (Amendments #32 and #37 to H.4508, filed by Representative Michelle Ciccolo)
  • Increase tools for cities and towns to raise and spend money locally:
    • Add language to create Regional Ballot Initiatives (Amendment #273 to H.4506, filed by Representatives Andres Vargas and Adrian Madaro)
    • Update the Local Infrastructure Development Program so that it can more easily be used for transportation investments (Amendment #120 to H.4506, filed by Representative Christine Barber)
  • Create a Regional Planning Agency seat on the Congestion Commission (Amendment #59 to H.4508, filed by Representative Joan Meschino)
  • Clarify language in the Bond Bill to allow multiple cities and towns working together to take advantage of newly-created local bond opportunities (technical amendment)