External Links and Resources on LID

National Organizations and Research Centers

Massachusetts Stormwater Resources and Policy Documents

Other New England Resources and Publications

State and Regional Stormwater Manuals and Guidance Documents

  • State of Maryland Stormwater Management Program. Look for links to the Maryland Stormwater Design Manual and the Stormwater Management and Urban Redevelopment fact sheet.
  • The Maryland Office of Smart Growth published a paper on Parking Best Practices (PDF), which includes LID techniques to minimize impervious surfaces and distribute stormwater management structures throughout parking areas.
  • New York State Stormwater Management Design Manual—a comprehensive design manual that includes sizing criteria, cold climate considerations, and other details for BMP designers and reviewers.
  • The Pennsylvania DEP Stormwater Manual Oversight Committee is in the process of developing a stormwater manual with many LID techniques.
  • The Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association (BASMAA) publishes Start at the Source – Design Guidance Manual for Stormwater Quality Protections, an excellent guidance document for site design and stormwater management. Additional reports and outreach materials can be found on the BASMAA web site.
  • The California Stormwater Quality Association publishes comprehensive BMP handbooks for development, municipal operations, and industrial and commercial activities.