Foreclosure Resource Guide for Municipalities

As a municipal leader, you see the impact of foreclosures firsthand and know the ripple effects this crisis has on your community. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, state agencies, nonprofit organizations, and some municipalities are providing assistance to address the causes and effects of foreclosures on our local communities.

Local governments can be an important resource for residents by providing information to consumers. They can also be leaders in developing programs, policies, and ordinances to protect their community’s quality of life. Local governments can help educate residents about where and how to access financial and foreclosure counseling.

In 2008, MAPC began working with the Metro Mayors Coalition to help address foreclosures in the Coalition’s 13 urban communities. Recognizing the regional implications of foreclosures, this Foreclosure Resource Guide is intended to assist communities throughout the MAPC region.

This Foreclosure Resource Guide contains resources and tools to help governments protect communities and residents from the effects of the national foreclosure problem.

MAPC’s Presentation to the Metro Mayors Coalition

  • Addressing Foreclosures in the Metro Mayors Communities
  • PowerPoint Presentation to the Mayors
  • Foreclosure and Loan Resets Map
  • Metro Mayors Communities Foreclosure Maps
  • Metro Boston Data Common

You can also access subprime lending data and municipal-level data about the number of foreclosure auctions in FY2008 on the MetroBoston DataCommon DataMap Tool.

Resources for Municipal Leaders

In this Guide:

External Resources:

State-Approved Foreclosure Counseling Agencies

When a homeowner needs help, timing is critical. A delayed reaction to lender notices will make it more difficult for the owner to keep their home. Not every homeowner will turn to their bank as a first resource. Even if an owner contacts their lender, not every homeowner will be able to receive a “loan workout”. Counseling and support can help owners keep their homes. As a municipal employee, you may receive calls from homeowners looking for help. You should direct these owners to a local counseling agency or hotline.

MAPC Events Related to Foreclosures

Visit the Metro Mayors Coalition page to review materials from a foreclosures briefing for the coalition.

How can MAPC help?

If you would like technical assistance in dealing with issues related to foreclosures in your community, please contact Chief Housing Planner Karina Milchman.