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Framingham Tech Park Final Report

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Project background

One of the goals of the Metro Boston Consortium for Sustainable Communities is to collaborate with municipalities and explore opportunities for office and industrial park “retrofits”. As part of these place-based planning efforts, the Framingham Technology Park and 9/90 Corporate Center were targeted for study. This project is being funded by the Metro Boston Consortium for Sustainable Communities.

Study Area Map

MAPC’s role

MAPC is identifying retrofitting opportunities for the Framingham Tech Park and the nearby 9/90 Corporate Center in order to enable more economic development, while reducing per employee vehicle miles traveled and improving access to employment.

We are analyzing multiple aspects of the Tech Park area’s transportation infrastructure and development. Our objective is to develop local land use and transportation demand management (TDM) plans that can be used to prioritize transportation investments, establish a framework for private sector development plans and increase equitable employment opportunities.

This project focuses on the following MetroFuture Goals:

  • Goal 2: Most new growth will occur through reuse of previously developed land and buildings.
  • Goal 45: More people will use transit for work and personal trips.
  • Goal 46: Commuters will have more options to avoid congestion.

Why it’s important

As the Framingham Tech Park and 9/90 Corporate Center grow in size, it is important to analyze the existing transportation alternatives and provide recommendations that will allow for a more sustainable transportation system in the future.

Additional Resources

MAPC Resources

External Resources and Partners

  • Town of Framingham
  • Town of Southborough
  • Town of Ashland
  • MassDOT
  • MetroWest Regional Collaborative
  • MetroWest Regional Transportation Authority
  • MetroWest/495 Transportation Management Association
  • 495/MetroWest Partnership
  • Partnerships for a Skilled Workforce, Inc.
  • Framingham Technology Park and 9/90 Corporate Center Businesses

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