Holbrook Town Center Economic Development Study

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Holbrook Town Center Economic Development Study

June 2018

Holbrook Town Center Economic Development Study

A town’s livability and distinctiveness is greatly influenced by its economic activities. For Holbrook, this consists of the Downtown, located on the intersection of Routes 37 and 139. Holbrook’s Town Center has witnessed a transformation within the past few decades. Downtown Holbrook is positioned to be the vibrant center of activity as the historic center of town. The goals and recommendations identified in this economic development study aim to activate a revitalized city center that provides a mix of living, working, and dining.

Study goals:

  • Create a single identity for the town center by physically and visually uniting the east and west sides.
  • Encourage mixed use vibrancy with culture, retail, office and housing.
  • Enhance connections between Town Hall, the retail area, the surrounding neighborhoods, and regional open space.
  • Develop the pedestrian character of Downtown by balancing transportation modes and improving connectivity.
  • Achieve a higher and better use of the land and create value for real estate.