Local Examples: Waiving Parking Requirements

Local Example – Ipswich, MA: Waiving Parking Requirements for Some Uses Downtown


I. Municipal Parking Lot Exemption

Business uses need not provide off-street parking if they are located in the Central Business District or within 500 feet of either the municipally-owned parking spaces in the Market Street Parking Lot (identified as all or part of Lots #226, #228 and #235 on Assessor’s Map 42A and Lot #298A on Assessor’s Map 4113), or the Elm Street/South Main Street Municipal Parking Lot (identified as all or part of Lots #111, #113 and #114 on Assessor’s Map 42A). (Amended by 10/20/03 Special Town Meeting; approved by Attorney General 1/22/04)

Local Example – Salem, MA: Eliminating Minimum Requirements for Some Uses


Sec.7.3. Off-street parking, uncovered, not included in structure.

(c) Notwithstanding any other provisions of this ordinance, off-street parking shall not be required for any church or other place or worship or secondary school or institution of higher education, with the exception of the State College at Salem where local ordinances shall prevail.

(h) The parking requirements for the B-5 District will be as follows:

(1) Nonresidential uses in the B-5 District shall not be required to provide off-street parking since the community will accept the responsibility for nonresidential parking in this district.

(2) New residential dwelling uses in the B-5 District shall provide parking in accordance with the following schedule:

a. Provisions shall be made for not less than one (1) parking space per dwelling unit for existing buildings and one and one-half (1 1/2) parking spaces per dwelling unit for new construction.
b. The parking requirements for rehabilitated buildings may be accommodated by either one (1) or a combination of on-site parking and/or parking at municipal or other parking facilities in the vicinity of the proposed use.
c. The parking requirements for new construction shall be accommodated by on-site parking.
d. All land parcels along the north bank of the North River, specifically parcels 400, 401, 402, 403, 404, 405,406 and 407 as described on Assessor’s Plate 26, shall be required to provide one and one-half (1 1/2) parking spaces per unit. Such spaces shall be on-site. This provision shall apply notwithstanding all other provisions of subsection (g) herein.
e. All municipal or other parking facilities which are used to satisfy the parking requirement must meet the following criteria: The parking facility must be less than one thousand (1,000) feet from the proposed development, the distance to be measured in a straight line from the two (2) closest points between the proposed use and the parking facility.
f. If using a municipal facility, the owner must purchase parking stickers to satisfy the parking requirement.
g. In contrast to all other defined housing, types built under the jurisdiction of the Salem Housing Authority for elderly and/or handicapped persons shall require one-third (1/3) parking space per dwelling unit.

Local Example – Gloucester, MA: Waiving Parking Requirements for Some Uses Downtown

Issued June 1, 2002
With Amendments to Date Incorporated


4.1.1 Intent and Application of Parking Requirements

(a) It is the intention of this Ordinance that all new structures and new building and land uses be provided with sufficient off-street parking spaces to meet the needs of persons making use of such structures and land uses. No permit shall be issued for the erection of a new structure or the enlargement or change of use of an existing structure unless the plans show the specific location and size of the off-street parking required to comply with the regulations set forth in this Ordinance and the means of access to such space from public streets. In the event of the enlargement or change of use of an existing structure, the regulations set forth in this section shall apply only to the area added to the existing structure or to the building or part thereof having a change of use.

(b) Buildings, structures and land uses in existence on the effective date of this ordinance are not subject to these off-street parking requirements and may be rebuilt, altered or repaired, but not enlarged or changed in use without becoming subject to these requirements.

(c) Except for business and municipal uses which occupy more than 10,000 square feet of space and are located in buildings constructed after February 1, 1990, business and municipal uses need not provide off-street parking if they are located within 400 feet of a Municipal Parking Lot/Facility. (Amended 3/2/99)

(d) Residential uses situated above the ground floor in a structure which existed as of February 1, 1990, contains one or more permitted non-residential uses on the ground floor, and which is located in a Central Business (CB) Zoning District, need not provide off-street parking.