Massachusetts Local Food Action Plan



Local Food Action Plan

The Massachusetts Local Food Action Plan establishes a vision for a food system that is socially just, environmentally resilient, and ripe with economic opportunities.

About the Project

Massachusetts has a rich and diverse food system - from varied agriculture, to innovative food processing facilities, to initiatives to improve the health and affordability of food in our communities.

In 2015, MAPC and its partners completed the Massachusetts Local Food Action Plan on behalf of the Massachusetts Food Policy Council. The Plan lays out statewide goals for increasing agricultural and seafood production, food security, workforce training and employment, and protecting natural resources. The Massachusetts Food System Collaborative was established at the completion of the Plan, and coordinates its implementation.

Why It's Important

The Massachusetts food system is vibrant in many ways, but the state also faces challenges. The state’s local food production and markets are leading nationally, and are contributing to farm viability and improving access to healthy food. At the same time, Massachusetts deals with challenges such as losing farmland to development and high rates of obesity and diabetes. Through the food system planning process, we identified strategies for building upon the strengths and address the challenges of the Massachusetts food system.

Read the plan here.

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Massachusetts Food System Collaborative

The Massachusetts Food System Collaborative coordinates the implementation of the action plan.

Statewide Partnership

As the liaison to the Massachusetts Food Policy Council, the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR), contracted with MAPC to lead the food planning process.

MAPC engaged several project partners across the state, with combined experience in food system planning, public engagement, and economic development.

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Resources & Documents

The Massachusetts Local Action Food Plan:

Food Plan - Full


The following posters analyze various components of the food system.