Maynard Country Club Reuse Analysis


The Town of Maynard acquired the Maynard Country Club for $2 million in February 2012 using funding from the Maynard Community Preservation Committee. In 2012, the town established the Maynard Golf Course Reuse Committee and sought technical assistance from MAPC to assist the Committee in examining potential future uses for the site.

MAPC, working with the Committee, undertook a series of visioning sessions and site walks in the fall of 2012. From the input received, MAPC prepared 4 alternative scenarios for presentation, discussion and initial polling at a December 2012 public forum. The input received at the December meeting will be used in continuing discussions and analyses by the Maynard Golf Course Reuse Committee over the next year as they develop a proposed future use plan for consideration by Town Meeting in 2014.


Based upon the input received, MAPC recommends that the town, at least in the short term, begin by keeping the golf course in operation on the site, and attempt to meet the other open space goals of the community for the site by a temporal sharing of the site, allowing for non-golf uses off season, during special events, and during specific designated times during the week during golfing season.


The project was accomplished with the assistance of the Maynard Golf Course Reuse Committee, the town manager, Board of Selectmen, residents, business and property owners.  It was conducted by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) with funds from the EPA Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities Technical Assistance Grant through Forterra and the Massachusetts Smart Growth Alliance.

Download the full analysis below