MetroWest Regional Affordable Housing Trust Project

In 2009, the MetroWest Regional Collaborative (then named the MetroWest Growth Management Committee) received a District Local Technical Assistance grant through MAPC to research opportunities to collaborate regionally on housing activities and opportunities.

Regionalization of housing activities and services is a valuable collaborative approach to affordable housing solutions. By assisting communities with the implementing their goals to create permanently affordable homes for individuals and families with low, moderate, and middle incomes, the MetroWest Regional Affordable Housing project could help maintain balanced and diverse housing options.

In summer and fall 2009, a survey on housing was administered to MetroWest, MAGIC, and SWAP subregion’s communities. The survey collected data on municipal and private affordable housing goals, activities, organizations, agencies, and committees, municipal capacity to address affordable housing issues, activities and the possible activities and services of a regional affordable housing trust.

MAPC produced this report in partnership with three subregional committes — the MetroWest Growth Management Collaboration, the Minuteman Advisory Group for Interlocal Coordination, and the Southwest Advisory Planning Committee. Funding for this project provided by the District Local Technical Assistance Program.

  • An outgrowth of the MetroWest RHT report was the exploration of establishing a Regional Housing Services Office (RHSO).