Norwell Zoning Implementation


Zoning Implementation Process


Thank you everybody who participated the Accord Park and Queen Anne’s Corner rezoning process! Your feedback has been instrumental in helping the Town of Norwell and MAPC understand what the community’s priorities are and where you would like to see the Town move in the future.

After the final community forum on Jan. 7, MAPC and the Town finalized the language of the zoning articles based on the feedback we accumulated over the three different forums. For now, the Town has decided not to move forward with the 40R Zoning Article for Town Meeting in May, but will continue to move forward with the rezoning for Accord Industrial Park. The Town is also going to pursue including residential as an allowable use by special permit along the Pond Street corridor.

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If you have any questions about the zoning proposal that the Town is bringing to Town Meeting, please reach out to Norwell Town Planner, Ken Kirkland, at 

For questions about the MAPC process, contact Josh Eichen at or 617-933-0722.

About the Project

In a 2018, the Town of Norwell and MAPC created an Economic Growth Plan with the priority goals of:

  • Maintaining a fiscally strong town government
  • Maximizing efficiency in the town's industrial park (specifically Accordno changes are planned for Assinippi)
  • Introducing mixed use commercial and residential development
  • Addressing wastewater infrastructure capacity

The plan's recommendations included changing the zoning at Queen Anne's Plaza and Accord Park to accommodate new growth and the private investment needed to support that growth. In 2019, MAPC and the Town of Norwell collaborated again to write new zoning guidelines to implement the recommendations in the Economic Development Plan. During the fall and winter of 2019, we worked with the community to develop zoning changes to guide and regulate new development at Queen Anne's Plaza and in Accord Park.

As part of this process, MAPC evaluated the net impact of zoning changes on the town's finances, environment, and traffic and wastewater infrastructure. For any adverse impacts are identified, MAPC provided mitigation recommendations to help address them.

Community input was central to developing the new zoning guidelines. MAPC hosted three community workshops to center public input and feedback in the creation of the new zoning. Individuals who were unable to attend these public meetings can still access the materials we used for this project and view videos of each of the three presentations.

Throughout the spring, Norwell residents will have the chance to submit further feedback on the zoning proposal through planning board meetings. The proposal will appear on the warrant for the May 2020 Town Meeting and will require a two-thirds majority vote to pass. Make sure to connect with Norwell Town Planner Ken Kirlkland at for more information about the Town Meeting.

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