Retrofit Streetlights with LEDs

Street lighting constitutes a significant portion of municipal energy consumption and expenditures. By buying back streetlights from their utility provider, converting to energy-efficient fixtures, and procuring products and services in bulk, municipalities can achieve energy and financial savings. For many municipalities considering upgrades to their street lighting system, LEDs have become a viable option. In addition to its environmental and economic benefits, undergoing a system-wide conversion can provide an opportunity for a municipality to standardize certain fixture types and styles, which can help create a unified aesthetic appearance or signature statement for a community. The benefits of LED lighting include:

  • Decreased energy consumption and costs
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to longer life
  • Visible commitment to efficiency
  • Improved safety through enhanced visibility
  • Decreased light trespass and pollution
  • Instant-on
  • Opportunity for programmable controls
  • No mercury, lead, or other known disposable hazards

This guide outlines the planning process for a conversion to exterior LED lighting systems, describes options for implementing projects, and summarizes available resources for cities and towns. Read more.

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