WaterSmart Toolkit

Working in collaboration with the 495/MetroWest Partnership, MAPC developed the WaterSmart Toolkit, which provides guidance to communities on best practices for addressing storm water, water supply, and wastewater issues. Although the toolkit was developed in collaboration with the 495/MetroWest communities, it is applicable to cities and towns throughout the MAPC region and the state.

The components of the WaterSmart Toolkit include several publications available for download, on CD, and as hard copy documents upon request.

SummerSmart Water Use Guide to Peak Season Water Demand Management (May 2006)

SummerSmart is a guide to managing peak season water demand, including tools such as water pricing, local regulations, and public education. Case studies are included.

Once is Not Enough: A Guide to Water Reuse in Massachusetts

Once is Not Enough: A Guide to Water Reuse in Massachusetts provides an overview of the technical, economic, and regulatory aspects of reusing treated wastewater for nonpotable water uses, such as toilet flushing, landscape irrigation, and industrial process water. Several local and regional case studies are included.

495 Watermarks Brochure (November 2007)

Watermarks 495 is a report that summarizes trends in water demand, wastewater, and storm water for the 32 communities in the 495/MetroWest corridor.