Weston Charles River & Riverside Access


Weston Charles River & Riverside Access



The overall goal of this project is to identify opportunities for providing a continuous trail along the Charles River in Weston. Due to the I-90/I-95 interchange, it’s not possible to continue the trail between Route 30 and Recreation Rd .Opportunities for trails to the north and south of this will be outlined.


The Leo Martin Golf Course, is a DCR facility that offers golf and cross country skiing, bisected by the Charles River. However there is no trail along the river through this park. Further north the Route 30 crossing of I-95 connects the Commonwealth Ave Carriage Rd with the terminus of the Weston aqueduct. The sidewalk is substandard with challenges due to exposure to interchange ramps.



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Section 1 – Leo Martin Golf Course

The Leo Martin Golf Course provides facilities for golf and cross country skiing, with almost year round use.  However there is no passive recreation along the river accommodated on either side in the park. We are recommending evaluation to develop a foot trail along the western side of the Charles River.  The trail would connect with existing trails in Wellesley, and along the edge of the gold course or in the adjacent wooded area up to Recreation Road. DCR is aware of the interest for a trail along the river, though is first evaluating the golf needs, including an upcoming refurbishment of the irrigation system. An active group in Newton Lower Falls is partnering with the Solomon Foundation to develop trails on the Newton side including access to Riverside Station.

Section 2 – Route 30 Crossing of I-95

The sidewalk along Rt 30 crossing over I-95 is substandard in width, in poor condition, and subjects pedestrians to several high speed on and off ramps.  However this bridge is the interface with the terminus of the Weston Aqueduct Trail on the west side and the Commonwealth Ave Carriage Rd trail on the east side.  From Comm Ave, the trail through Auburndale Park along the Charles River connects to downtown Waltham. The MassDOT owned bridge will be reconstructed in the near future.  Our recommendation is that the bridge carry a 12 foot wide barrier protected shared use path on the north side between the Aubvurndale boat house and River Road.