Wilmington Cross Street Analysis

Project Background

The Town of Wilmington recently purchased a vacant site, located on the east side of Cross Street between Lowell Street and Main Street, and is interested in creating a master plan for use of the site as a multi-purpose park destination.  Plans for the park are still in the initial phases.

Wilmington recognizes the importance of safe and efficient access to recreational open space for all users – pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles.  In view of this, Wilmington asked MAPC to prepare a Technical Memorandum that will give preliminary recommendations regarding the treatment of Cross Street, parking locations for visitors at or near the site, as well as access for pedestrians and bicyclists in the immediate area.  MAPC and the Central Transportation Planning Staff (CTPS) identified and analyzed six alternatives for the section of Cross Street between Lowell Street and Main Street.

Reviewing traffic volumes and crash data in addition to conducting a sight distance survey helped develop the recommendations.  The Technical Memorandum’s recommendations should be taken into consideration as conceptual park designs are planned.

Download the Wilmington Cross Street Analysis below.