Sasha Parodi

Event Planner

Department: Strategic Initiatives


As an Event Planner at MAPC, Sasha splits her time coordinating large MAPC events (MAPC council meetings, speaker series/convenings for MAPC’s Regional Plan Update MetroCommon2050), developing MAPC’s event strategy practices, and supporting staff on departmental or project events (workshops, meetings, focus groups). In addition to the community engagement team, Sasha works closely with the communications and operations departments.

Her work includes coordinating event-planning/deliverable timelines, managing communication between multiple departments & external partners, coordinating facilitation and staff support, preparing facilitators/staff teams before events, coordination with food vendors and venues, and managing the technology of online meeting platforms. Additionally, Sasha oversees the integration of Hubspot as MAPC’s primary CRM database.

Prior to joining MAPC, Sasha worked for the Chelsea Collaborative, where she coordinated professional and leadership development programming for young people (aged 14-18). This included supporting youth in obtaining internship opportunities, developing professional development trainings, and conducting ongoing case management and individual support for each young person in her program. Sasha coordinated both the year-round internship program and the larger Summer Youth Employment Initiative, which employed 150 teens over the course of eight weeks.

Sasha graduated from Boston University in 2017 with a B.A. in Psychology and a B.S. in Journalism.

Areas of expertise: Program management, youth development, event-planning and coordination, community engagement, civic engagement.