Charles Eliot Scholarship

The Charles Eliot Scholarship was established by MAPC in memory of Charles W. Eliot, II. Mr. Eliot was an advocate of regional cooperation and was especially interested in in land use planning as it affected transportation (coordination of trains, buses, cars, bicycles, and pedestrians), the need for communities to balance residential, business and open space, and the role of planning to solve modern problems (like today’s climate change).  

This scholarship is open to any senior in a secondary school in the 101 city-and-town MAPC region who is planning to further his/her education in these fields, which were of significant value to Mr. Eliot. A cash prize of at least $500 will be awarded in the form of a scholarship to the school of the recipient's choice.

Deadline and application

Download the application packet here. Deadline is April 14th, 2017. 

Award will be presented at the MAPC Annual Council Meeting on May 24, 2017.

Please review the brief summary of the accomplishments of Charles W. Eliot below prior to submitting an application.

For more information about the scholarship, contact the MAPC Manager of Operations.

Applications for this award should be sent to:

Metropolitan Area Planning Council
Attn: Charles W. Eliot Scholarship
60 Temple Place
Boston, MA 02111

In Memory of Charles W. Eliot II 1899 - 1993

“Planning is the guidance of change,” Charles Eliot II noted in his “Thoughts on Planning” essay written after some 50 years of practice and teaching.  Indeed Charles Eliot made notable achievements in the evolution, advocacy and implementation of planning concepts, as did three generations of Charles Eliot’s before him.

Mr. Eliot was a “founding father” of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), the regional planning agency for metropolitan Boston.  We have long benefited from Mr. Eliot’s pioneering efforts in regional planning.  His work with the Council began at the first meeting on January 14, 1964 and continued for three decades.  During those years Mr. Eliot was an outspoken defender of regional planning and the preservation of open space.  Longtime members of the MAPC organizational family recall his annual submittal of legislation for the regionalization of government.  His role on the national front included setting up state planning agencies throughout the country, as director of the National Resources and Planning Board.  On the local front he created plans for Arlington, Bedford, Duxbury and Yarmouth.  For the Commonwealth, he masterminded the green belt area around Boston and the Bay Circuit.  His work has gone a long way to advance sound planning practices and the conservation of natural resources.

At MAPC, Mr. Eliot is most remembered for his participation in drafting the original legislation that created MAPC.  During his years at the Council, Mr. Eliot served as a member of the Open Space and Recreation Technical Advisory Committee, and on the Regional Organizational Technical Advisory Committee developed to explore inter-municipal cooperation. He held a gubernatorial seat on the Executive Committee for 12 years.  In the 1970’s MAPC and the Society of Planning Officials recognized Mr. Eliot for his outstanding contribution to the advancement of planning.  He was the first and only recipient of MAPC’s Atherton Loring Award.

Mr. Eliot was at the vanguard of regional planning for more than half a century.  He leaves a great legacy for the Commonwealth and the nation that will not soon be forgotten.  We need only look around to see the benefits of his work.

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