Boston Kicks Off New Electric Vehicle Car Share Program

A man sits in shadow inside a white Good2Go electric car sharing vehicle.

Boston Kicks Off New Electric Vehicle
Car Share Program

Affordable EV car sharing program, ‘Good2Go,’ launches with four locations, reducing GHG emissions and opening up income-tiered program to community

BOSTON – On June 5, Roxbury neighbors joined Nuestra Comunidad, E4TheFuture, the City of Boston, MAPC, and other partners for a celebration at Bartlett Station in Roxbury that marked the official launch of community-based electric vehicle (EV) car sharing service Good2Go.

Good2Go provides a clean, lower emission personal transportation option for Roxbury area residents, with a focus on affordability for low-income members. The goal is to help make Roxbury less dependent on cars, reduce its carbon footprint, and lower gasoline related pollution. It also introduces EVs to a neighborhood where this technology is not well-utilized, in large part because it has not been affordable or accessible for many Roxbury residents.

"We are excited to see the growth of Good2Go, a community-based program that is providing more access for Boston residents to navigate the city in a reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly way,” said Acting Mayor of Boston Kim Janey. “Building on our climate action goals, the expansion of electric vehicle car share opportunities for residents helps Boston maintain streets that are safe, healthy, inclusive, and vibrant for all.”

Bartlett Station serves as the launch point for the vehicles used by Good2Go, along with Roxbury Community College and municipal lots in Nubian Square and Jamaica Plain. The small fleet of four is anticipated to double over the next six months.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to bring an equity lens to clean transportation, and open up the chance for electric vehicle borrowing to more community members,” said Rebecca Davis, Deputy Director of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC). “We are proud to partner on this project and can’t wait to see it grow over the coming year.”

Alongside the Good2Go kickoff celebration, activities at Bartlett on June 5 included a community arts project, food provided by Good Food Markets and a concert by the Makanda Jazz Project.

Vehicles were onsite so that attendees could become acquainted with their features, appearance and operation. Membership materials were available for interested attendees.

E4TheFuture, a Massachusetts non-profit focused on clean energy with a mission that encompasses equity, and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center have jointly funded this first-in-Massachusetts income-tiered EV sharing pilot program. Eversource, through its EV “Make Ready” program, is covering all costs for the charging stations that will be used to fuel the cars and the infrastructure needed to support them.

“Good2Go will help Roxbury residents access a convenient sliding scale car share service based right here in Nubian Square. We know that many families don't own a car but there are times when they need one. Families may need to go to the grocery store, get to a medical appointment, or travel to a job interview far from mass transit,” said David Price, Executive Director of Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation.

“Good2Go can solve these kinds of problems. Good2Go also introduces EV car usage into a community where this technology is not well-utilized, because it has not been affordable or accessible Good2Go is a program that our Roxbury neighbors can be proud of.”

“We are very proud and happy that this project is getting started to help the residents of Roxbury to access clean transportation that is local, available and affordable,” said Steve Cowell, President of E4TheFuture. “I am very appreciative of the partners who have helped make this possible and our great staff who have worked hard to design and develop this program.”

“As the Commonwealth transitions to a clean energy economy, it is crucial that clean transportation options are affordable and accessible for all residents. E4TheFuture’s income-tiered electric vehicle car share program, Good2Go, offers a convenient and cost-effective alternative to gas-powered vehicle ownership by providing residents with a clean solution to meet their transportation needs,” said Steve Pike, CEO of MassCEC. “MassCEC is proud to support this initiative and excited to watch the program grow as we advance towards an equitable and clean transportation future.”

James Cater, Eversource’s Program Lead for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, said, “Eversource is committed to not only increasing access to EV charging across the Commonwealth, but doing so in a way that ensures that all drivers can enjoy the benefits of EVs. We are proud to provide the infrastructure and charging stations to support this exciting initiative.”

Good2Go allows members to reserve electric vehicles at several locations, with sliding rates. The program complements public transportation by providing convenient personal transportation for shopping, laundry, medical appointments, and for small business owners that need to deliver goods or services. Car sharing also reduces traffic congestion and hosts’ parking needs, according to project partners.

Good2Go’s low-income members pay a $5 per hour reduced rate, half the standard rate. To qualify for the reduced rate, participants must be enrolled in a public assistance program. The program also welcomes market-rate members, and the cost of car sharing remains below the cost of car ownership and other car sharing/car rental options in the area. It is aimed at neighbors who do not need or want to own a car or are looking to replace the need for a second car. It also introduces clean, quiet EV technology for those wanting to try an electric vehicle, but not yet ready to purchase one.

“I am a mother on the go. Since my own car broke down, I've been using Good2Go to take my kids to school, run daily errands and drive to class to complete my CNA training,” said Kim Dao, Roxbury resident and subscriber. “Before I discovered Good2Go, I had been using Zipcar and Uber but Good2Go is much less expensive. Good2Go has been a blessing during COVID-19."

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Reverend Mariama White-Hammond, Boston's Chief of Environment, uses a large pair of scissors to cut a green ribbon in front of a white vehicle.

Reverend Mariama White-Hammond, Boston's Chief of Environment, cuts the Good2Go ribbon. Photo via Lauren Adams of Eversource

Good2Go car share vehicle is a white EV.

Photo via Lauren Adams of Eversource

An artist stands above a stenciled "Good2Go" on the pavement.
Community members participate in an art project: a child uses chalk spray paint to color in stencils.