Bringing holiday cheer to Stoughton business owners

Yesterday I spent the afternoon walking around Stoughton Center, popping into different local businesses to meet the owners and encourage them to come to a business breakfast on January 25, which MAPC is hosting along with the town of Stoughton. As the Globe recently reported, the town of Stoughton is coming up on an exciting time to make changes and plans that will help enhance businesses and overall economic growth for the town.

Armed with candy canes, I extended a personal invitation to the upcoming breakfast in each place that I visited, and had some great conversations along the way. Long-term business owners shared photos of Stoughton Center throughout the years, and talked about the fire in 1969 that took down a portion of the historic downtown buildings.

I also met newcomers to Stoughton Center, a diverse group of people who are enthusiastic about growing their business in this area; and many business-owners that are part of Stoughton’s Brazilian community (fun fact: there is a huge number of women-owned businesses in Stoughton Center, including salons, a print company, pizza restaurant, and bakery!).

For some of these folks, this was an introduction not just to me, but to the town’s resources and planning process… Hopefully this revitalization effort can change that and bring lots of new voices to the table.

Stoughton center has potential to thrive with its commuter rail station, walkable downtown, mom-and-pop shops, and a small-town feel. As the people who work (and often live) in this town, business-owners have great insight into how to make changes that will help the area flourish. If you or anyone you know is interested in attending the upcoming breakfast on the 25th, please send me an email ( or give me a call (617-451-2770, ext. 2051)!

Happy holidays,

Emily-Torres-Cullinane, Community Liaison at MAPC