Finding the right words: Community engagement in Quincy

Last Thursday evening, MAPC and the City of Quincy hosted a meeting with residents, property owners, and business owners in the Wollaston neighborhood of Quincy to talk about a vision for Wollaston Center.

To engage participants, MAPC asked the question “In one word or short phrase, what do you like best about the Wollaston area?” We used sticky notes to capture and participants’ ideas and categorized them to generate themes for the evening. This hands-on exercise is just one example of the many new and different techniques that MAPC is trying out as we work on engaging new audiences and promoting community involvement in the planning process.

We were then able to create a Wordle based on all the responses. It proved to be a great introductory engagement strategyto get people thinking about Wollaston Center and what makes it a great place to live, work, shop and play.

Wollaston meeting wordle

You can get involved or follow the progress of this project by visiting the Re-envisioning Wollaston project page on the MAPC website.

Eric Halvorsen, MAPC Transportation Planner