Four Years Later: Sustainable Communities Grantees Convene

MAPC Sust comm photos
Jennifer Raitt, Assistant Director of Land Use Planning & Chief Housing Planner, Eric Hove, Regional Plan Implementation Manager, and Amy Cotter, Regional Plan Implementation Director with Salin Geevarghese, Acting Director, HUD Office of Sustainable Housing and Communities, 2013 Sustainable Communities Grantee Convening, December 2013, Washington, DC. Photo via

From increasing the economic viability of farming and protect sustainable “foodsheds” in MAPC’s MAGIC subregion, to grassroots visioning of the future of Salem Point via a web-based game, to finding opportunities for transit-based development in Quincy, MAPC’s done projects on them all through Sustainable Communities Grants.

Last week, MAPC’s delegation (pictured above) joined representatives from HUD’s 143 Sustainable Communities at the 2013 Sustainable Communities Grantees Convening. Hats off to so many who work so hard to create strong sustainable communities by connecting housing to jobs, fostering economic development, and helping to build a clean energy economy.