LED Streetlight Conversions in Arlington

This is the second in a series of videos that MAPC’s Clean Energy Division has made about our work in four communities. Check out the first one, focusing on local energy planning in Medford.

Before it approached MAPC for assistance, Arlington had already done a pilot project retrofitting older, high-pressure sodium (HPS) streetlights with more efficient light-emitting diode (LED) streetlights. The change was well-received, so the town joined MAPC’s regional procurement for an energy services company (ESCO) to retrofit the rest of their lights—3,000 in all.

By taking advantage of MAPC’s group procurement process, the towns were able to benefit from the expertise of their fellow municipalities and of MAPC’s Clean Energy Division, and they received extremely competitive pricing. Simply by retrofitting its streetlights, Arlington is saving $130,000 annually. And it’s saving 620,00 kilowatt hours per year—the greenhouse gas reduction equivalent of removing 90 cars per year from the road.

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—Brenda Pike, MAPC Clean Energy Intern