MAPC Communities Shine in Best Complete Streets Policies of 2014

A big congratulations to the five MAPC communities that were ranked in Smart Growth America’s Top 10 Complete Streets Policies of 2014. MAPC provided direct assistance to four of the winners, Acton, Middleton, Reading, and Salem, in drafting their complete street policies. The town of Stoughton, the fifth winner from the region, drafted it’s own policy.


What are Complete Streets?

Complete streets are roadways that are safe, comfortable, and accessible for everyone, regardless of age, ability, income, or how they choose to travel. Complete streets acknowledge that walking, biking, and taking public transit are important forms of travel and should be taken into account along with the needs of vehicles when planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining roadways.

Potential Benefits to Communities

Public Health: Complete streets provide opportunities for increased physical activity by encouraging active travel through a continuous network of safe sidewalks and bikeways.

Safety: By increasing visibility at crosswalks and promoting more appropriate speed limits, complete streets can help reduce crashes between vehicles and pedestrians or cyclists.

Economic Development: Complete streets serve an important function by creating public ways that support and strengthen local neighborhood, town, and city centers.

Complete street policies also lower individual transportation costs, provide congestion management, and increase equity and accessibility.

Want to Learn More?

Check out Smart Growth America’s full report or go to to find out more.