Boston Region’s Pedestrian Transportation Plan

The Pedestrian Plan identifies actions local governments, advocacy organizations, citizen groups, the private sector, and individuals should take to encourage walking.

Adopted and released in June 2010, the Pedestrian Plan addresses the importance of walking, describes existing pedestrian infrastructure in the Boston Region, and recommends policies and programs that will facilitate walking as a convenient, practical and safe mode of transportation.

Developing the Plan

For over a year, the Pedestrian Plan was developed by working closely with a Pedestrian Advisory Committee and has been extensively reviewed by numerous planning and transportation professionals.

Action Items

In order to implement the goals and guidelines outlined in the Pedestrian Plan, a series of key Action Items have been prepared. The Action Items can serve as a checklist for municipal planners, planning boards, and advocacy groups.

Download the full document of Action Items. The action items comprise four categories:

  • Complete the Pedestrian Network
  • Integrate the Pedestrian Network
  • Design
  • Maintenance and Operation

The Pedestrian Plan

Download the entire Pedestrian Plan below.

Download the Pedestrian Plan by section:

Cover, Credits, Table of Contents
Executive Summary


  1. Introduction
  2. Regional and Local Visions
  3. Walking in the Boston Region 
  4. Current Regional Practices
  5. Community Initiatives  (1.1 MB)
  6. Laws, Codes and Legislation 
  7. Pedestrian Infrastructure Design (2.6 MB)
  8. Funding 
  9. Action Items (1.5 MB)

Appendices (9 MB)

Appendices Contents:

  • Appendix A –  Boston Region Commuting Patterns & Vehicle Ownership
  • Appendix B – Sidewalk Coverage by Municipality
  • Appendix C – Pedestrian Fatalities within the Boston Region
  • Appendix D – Pedestrian-Related Issues to consider when Reviewing Development Plans
  • Appendix E – Resources

Sidewalk Inventory

Eight maps comprise the ‘Sidewalk Coverage by Municipality’ in the Boston Region and identify whether sidewalks exist, on one side, both sides, or neither side for ‘Main Roads’ and ‘Local Roads.’

Inventory Map Index

How Can I Get a Copy of the Plan?

Paper copies and CD roms of the Pedestrian Plan are available upon request. Please contact Alison Felix, Transportation Planner,

How Can I Get Involved?

If you are interested in hosting a Walkable or Livable Community Workshop, please contact Eric Bourassa, Transportation Manager, at 617-451-2770, ext. 2043 or

Other resources

Comments and Questions?

If you have questions or editorial comments, please e-mail them to Eric Bourassa, Transportation Manager,