Building a Resilient Scituate: Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Action Plan

March 2018 Climate Vulnerability Assessment and Action Plan
Prepared for the Town of Scituate by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council

Climate change is the most compelling environmental, economic, and social issue of our time. Scituate, known for its numerous barrier beaches, prominent bedrock headlands, and rich cultural history, is one of the most vulnerable regions in Massachusetts. It is routinely hit hard with coastal storms causing massive storm surge and inundation with even just a lunar high tide. Projected sea level rise and changes in intensity of storm and precipitation events compel the need to assess the vulnerability of Scituate’s people and places as well as plan for protecting its future. This report summarizes the latest climate risks, evaluates the vulnerability of Scituate’s critical infrastructure and resources, and creates an action for incremental steps toward greater resilience and community vibrancy in an uncertain future.

Senior Environmental Planner
Darci Schofield

GIS/Data Analysis
Darci Schofield
Eliza Wallace


The project was conducted by the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) with funding from MAPC’s Planning for MetroFuture District Local Technical Assistance program.

Town of Scituate:

  • Town Administrator James Boudreau
  • Board of Selectman Chair Maura C. Curran

Steering Committee Members: 

  • Department of Public Works Kevin Cafferty
  • Engineering Sean McCarthy
  • Director of Planning and Economic Development Brad Washburn
  • Chief of Scituate Fire/Emergency Manager John Murphy
  • Chief of Scituate Police Michael Stewart
  • Board of Health Director Jennifer Keefe
  • Coastal Resource Officer Nancy Durfee
  • Natural Resource and Conservation Officer Amy Walkey
  • Building Commissioner Robert Vogel
  • Council on Aging Director Linda Hayes
  • Director of Facilities Kevin Kelly
  • Recreation Director Maura Clancy