Downtown Foxborough Business Visioning 2017


The Town of Foxborough together with a group of businesses is exploring how to make downtown Foxborough even better to bring visitors and improve business. The sessions will be engaging and guided discussions led by regional economic development planners. The end goal is for a specific action plan that the Town and businesses can pursue to help grow businesses.

We are building on the 2013-2014 Master Plan, which was developed out of a series of community meetings and was the first master plan in nearly 50 years. During the Master Planning process, community members identified revitalizing Downtown Foxborough as a key goal.

Map of Foxborough Project

In January, we held a visioning workshop with a focus group consisting of Foxborough business owners. There, planners and business owners discussed challenges and solutions related to traffic, parking, attracting mountain bikers from Gilbert State Forest, making the town common more usable and community-focused, developing vacant or underutilized sites, and connecting the area with nearby tourists and daytrippers. They also discussed what future growth might look like and what distinguishes downton Foxborough from other regional shopping centers and nodes.

View and download the executive summary here.

Download the full report here.


Carlos J. Montañez , Senior Regional Planner