North Shore Regional Planning Project

MAPC is working with Beverly, Salem, Danvers, Hamilton, Ipswich and Wenham to identify:

  • priority areas for development and redevelopment
  • priority areas for open space protection
  • significant transportation improvements necessary for the future residents of the region

Project background

As part of the planning process, MAPC met with the public officials, boards and residents of each community to gather their input. Using local perspective and input, we created a regional map with this information—

• Priority development areas (PDAs)
Locations for new growth or appropriate and sensitive redevelopment of town centers and areas that do not have environmental constraints.
• Priority preservation areas (PPAs)
Lands that deserve special protection due to the presence of significant environmental factors and natural features, or scenic
vistas, and that may be critical to linking regional open space and trails.
• Regionally Significant Transportation Investments (RSTIs)
Transpor tation infrastructure and programs that address a regional transportation issue.

The next phase of the process is to hold regional meetings to enable participants to look across municipal borders to see the development and conservation plans of their neighboring communities, and to discuss and provide feedback on the regional analysis completed by MAPC.

MAPC will be looking at the municipal selections through the lens of MetroFuture. Residents will have the opportunity to provide input regarding the relative importance of the development, preservation and transportation priorities prepared by the communities, as well as the parameters used by MAPC to designate whether the proposals from the municipalities were of local or regional significance.

After a similar effort with more than 30 communities on the South Shore of Massachusetts, the state issued an Executive Order to provide more state grant support for projects that were of regional significance.

The program is funded by a grant from the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development, with matching funds from MAPC.

Project Materials from the December 8 Forums

Thank you for attending our regional forums on December 8.  Below you will find all of the materials presented at that meeting.

Map:  Regionally Significant Transportation Investments

Map: Priority Preservation and Development Areas

Map: Beverly Priority Preservation and Development Areas

Map: Danvers Priority Preservation and Development Areas

Map: Salem Priority Preservation and Development Areas

Map: Ipswich Priority Preservation and Development Areas

Map: Hamilton Priority Preservation and Development Areas

Map: Wenham Priority Preservation and Development Areas

Download the Power Point Presentation below