Norwell Economic Growth Plan

Norwell Economic Growth Plan


Norwell Economic Growth Plan

The Norwell Economic Growth plan explores opportunities to expand the town's commercial/industrial tax base, accommodate new housing and mixed-use development, and address infrastructure related development constraints. This strategy builds upon prior planning efforts, including the 2005 Master Plan which identified the Assinippi and Accord industrial parks as strategic locations for encouraging growth. At the direction of town staff and officials, MAPC focused on these geographies as targeted growth areas.

The strategies focus largely on interventions in the Accord Park area due to both the strategic opportunity for growth as well as its physical remove from residential abutters.

Those strategies are:

  1. Adjust town zoning bylaws to allow for existing uses to expand and incentive the development of underutilized office buildings
  2. Designate strategic development sites as 43D
  3. Support a mixed-use housing/commercial district development at Queen Anne's Plaza