City of Quincy Small Business Plan

City of Quincy Small Business Plan

March 2020

Quincy Small Business Plan

The Quincy Small Business Plan intends to provide a comprehensive understanding of the small business landscape and its strengths, gaps and opportunities in Quincy. The Plan includes recommendations of how the City of Quincy and its partners, such as the Chamber of Commerce, can fill some of these gaps and provide ample opportunity for the small business community to continue to thrive in Quincy.

Key Needs:

  • Business growth through new customer revenue
  • Attracting new customers through increased marketing
  • Adding products and services to attract new clients
  • Customer retention, particularly in light of increased competition, rising costs
  • Financial management, to better manage operations, price competitively and wisely, and reduce expenses
  • Expense reduction through health care and other insurance assistance
  • Employee recruitment and hiring
  • Succession planning, for those business owners seeking to retire
  • Visual merchandising, to improve the attractiveness and effectiveness of store layouts and displays
  • Location assistance, both finding an appropriate location and lease negotiations
  • District-wide/citywide marketing to highlight the city’s small businesses
  • District amenity support to enhance the customer experience (parking, streetscape improvements)
  • Assistance navigating City processes (licensing/permitting)


Recommendations detailed in the plan include:

  • Translation/interpretation for City services
  • Workshops
  • One-on-one assistance
  • Storefront improvement/facade improvement program
  • Referrals to local resources
  • Grants for businesses
  • Netweorking events
  • Citywide marketing
  • Parking and wayfinding
  • Outreach
  • Emergency response