Re-Envisioning Wollaston

The final report for the Re-Envisioning Wollaston study is now available below ! The report is also available on the City of Quincy’s website.

Project background

Wollaston Base mapBetween November 2012 and October 2013, MAPC is undertaking station area planning in three locations across the region as part of our Sustainable Communities Grant work. The three locations chosen for station area planning are Quincy, Beverly, and Melrose. MAPC will work with these cities to identify opportunities for and impediments to transit oriented development (TOD) around rapid rail and commuter rail stations.

MAPC’s role

MAPC is assisting the City of Quincy in identifying opportunities for and barriers to transit oriented development in Wollaston Center. MAPC will help the community  develop a vision for the area and make recommendations to the City on potential changes to land use and zoning. We will also develop recommendations for how to improve walking, biking, and transit access from surrounding neighborhoods to Wollaston Center and the Red Line station.

Why it’s important

Transit oriented development is critical to the success of MetroFuture and building a more sustainable MAPC region. Locating housing, jobs, and daily needs (goods and services) in walkable neighborhoods close to transit helps reduce household transportation costs, reduces reliance on personal automobiles, boosts transit ridership, and improves air quality and public health at the local and regional level.

This project ties directly to the goals in MetroFuture of creating sustainable growth patterns and enhancing transportation choices in the region. Transit oriented development facilitates compact growth and a mixture of uses in close proximity to transit services which provides a more economical alternative to driving.

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