Rockport Station Area Transit-Oriented Village Plan

The Town of Rockport has been proactive in planning for its future.  This small, North Shore town (population 7,700) is known for its picturesque downtown, beaches, and well-developed artist colony.  At the same time, it faces various challenges due to demographic and cultural shifts.

Rather than prepare a new comprehensive master plan as is periodically required by the Planning Board, the Board decided to identify a limited number of innovations that residents consider of particular importance to improve the quality of life in the Town. This approach revealed a particular focus on the Rockport commuter rail station.

This study seeks to implement a plan that supports the community’s vision and unlocks the area’s potential.  This plan is a first phase of a project that focuses on the area immediately around the station.  A second phase will examine the approximately ½ mile surrounding that the station.  While each plan could be implemented on its own to make positive impacts, together they can maximize the benefits to the Town.

Click on the link to the right to download the final report, published in Fall 2018.