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The South Acton Vision & Action Plan has launched, and we want to hear from you! Complete the survey linked below by Friday, December 2 to tell us about your vision for South Acton Village and help establish priorities for potential new zoning around the commuter rail station. You can also stay up to date with the project by signing up for our email list linked below.


MAPC: Emma Battaglia, Senior Housing & Land Use Planner

Town of Acton: Kristen Guichard, Planning Director & Zoning Enforcement Officer

About the Project

The South Acton Vision & Action Plan is an effort to establish a community vision for South Acton Village and make zoning and design recommendations that can best achieve the vision. Led by the Town of Acton and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), this work continues the establishment of key center plans as recommended in the Acton 2020 Master Plan.

This project coincides with new regulations from the State of Massachusetts (Section 3A of the Zoning Act) about how communities with MBTA stations zone for multifamily housing. As such, the South Acton Vision & Action Plan will also look at how Acton could comply with the regulations within the context of the community’s vision.

This project is funded through the Commonwealth’s Community One Stop for Growth and MAPC’s District Local Technical Assistance (DLTA).


Janet Adachi                 Adam Nolde
Fran Arsenault             Franny Osman
David Hohn                  Catherine Usoff
Bob Van Meter            Ray Yacouby

In addition to focusing on the half-mile around the commuter rail station, we will also be assessing opportunities and barriers within the broader South Acton area.

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Summer 2022
Project start-up

Fall 2022
Community visioning process and existing conditions analysis

Winter 2023
Assessment of compliance with Section 3A

Spring 2023
Public input to review zoning, design, and infrastructure recommendations

Summer 2023
Vision plan released and zoning adoption by Select & Planning Boards

Spring 2024
Zoning adoption at Town Meeting