Stormwater Flooding in Woburn

City of Woburn Stormwater Project

Stormwater Flooding in Woburn

Stormwater flooding is a big challenge—not only in Woburn, but in almost all urban and suburban communities. When it rains heavily, stormwater tends to overwhelm our storm drains and rivers. The result is flooded streets, yards, and basements.

In 2021, the City of Woburn received a grant from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council to reduce stormwater impacts.

Our Goals

  • Identify causes of flooding across the city 
  • Help residents reduce flood damage to properties 
  • Update floodplain and stormwater regulations and stormwater management to reduce future flooding impacts 

Flooding is not limited to FEMA Flood Zones!

In March 2010, Woburn experienced three large rainstorms that dumped nearly 18 inches of rain in 17 days, resulting in a federal disaster declaration. Nearly 400 residents filed flood disaster damage claims and none of the claims were in the FEMA 1% flood zone.   

This was a particularly large storm, but many Woburn residents have experienced flooding before and since.

We Need Your Help!

If your home has ever flooded, we want to hear about what caused the flood and what damage occurred. Please tell us about your experience: we'll use what we learn to take action to reduce future flood damage in Woburn.