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Vision of Tomorrow: Wrentham Master Plan 2030

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July 2 Meeting Video

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About the Project

Vision of Tomorrow: Wrentham Master Plan 2030 is a town-wide master planning process that will provide the basis for decision-making in Wrentham for the next 10 years. The Wrentham community will evaluate the town's strengths and challenges and envision the type of community Wrentham would like to be in the future.

This plan will be developed through a public process engaging the community’s residents, business owners, and leadership and will be built upon research, analysis, and community involvement.

We are currently in Phase 1 of the Master Plan in which MAPC will assist the Town in establishing a vision and goals for the Town, as well as analyze and develop actions and metrics for two issues areas or Master Plan Elements. The project will include a robust community engagement process with many chances for Wrentham community members to get involved through public meetings and forums, online engagement, and more. A robust public process will ensure that the final plan reflects the needs of all residents.

MAPC Contact

Ella Wise, Senior Land Use Planner

Town Contact

Rachel Benson, Director of Planning and Economic Development

Louis Allevato, Resident at Large

Stephanie Duquette,Executive Assistant to Town Administrator/Resident

Diane Glass,Landscape Committee

George Labonte, Deputy Police Chief/Resident

Jerry McGovern, Select Board

Laurence McGovern, Open Space Committee

Jeffrey Plante, Resident at Large

Steve Schwarm, Planning Board

Alan Selling, Open Space Committee

Everett Skinner, Jr., Planning Board

Jeffrey Spratt, Economic Development Committee

Selena Zubrowski, Landscape Committee

Project Timeline

Project Timeline

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Committee Meeting #1 - June 4, 2020
    • Committee Meeting #1 Presentation
    • Committee Meeting #1 Video
      Members of the Steering Committee met informally on June 4, 2020 to get to know each other and discuss initial demographic analysis of Wrentham. Not all members had been officially sworn in, so the gathering was not a noticed public meeting, and there were no deliberations or decisions made. Here is a video of the meeting to provide background on the Steering Committee members and the existing conditions analysis. The existing conditions analysis will be used as a foundation for the planning process, and will be presented when relevant as background for the surveys and public meetings.
Committee Meeting #2- July 2, 2020