LandLine – Our Plan for a Connected Greenway Network


Our plan for a connected greenway network

LandLine is MAPC's vision to connect our greenways and trails into a seamless network. The plan has been developed in coordination with the LandLine Coalition, a group of 40 volunteers representing a number of local agencies and advocacy groups.

In May 2018, MAPC unveiled the Landline Trail and Greenway Plan connecting 1,400 miles of trails and greenways throughout the Boston Region!

View the vision plan and download the full report here.

  • Landline network plan (Latest map May 2018)
    Landline network plan (Latest map May 2018)
  • Vision map of regional foot trails (Latest map May 2018)
    Vision map of regional foot trails (Latest map May 2018)


The LandLine plan identifies a connected network of greenways throughout the region. Greenways are ideally multi-use trails that are separated from motor vehicle traffic. In urban areas, they could be cycle tracks and high quality sidewalks, in trails along rivers and former rail rights-of-way.  Where these corridors are not available, would route the greenway on low traffic shared streets.

Walking trails

The region is laced with an incredible and growing network of walking trails that link conservation lands, towns, and recreation areas. The longer distance trails that connect communities form the backbone of our LandLine trail system. Listed here are those key trails, both existing and proposed in various stages of development.

Existing Trails

Proposed and Planned Trails

  • Boston Greenbelt Trail: The Greenbelt Trail is an MAPC-proposed planned 90 mile loop trail circling Boston inside Rt 128 between Salem and Quincy.
  • South Fells Connector: This is an MAPC-proposed trail that is essentially an extension of the Cross-Fells trail that connects to the Mystic Lakes on the west and through Melrose to the Northern Strand Trail to the east.
  • Cape Ann LoopThe Cape Ann Loop is a planned trail that will use mostly existing trails between Beverly and Rockport.
  • Mother Brook: This partially complete trail, largely in Dedham, follows the Mother Brook.
  • Tri-Town Trail: Dover, Westwood, and Medfield.