MetroWest Regional Collaborative (MWRC)

About MWRC

The MetroWest Regional Collaborative (MWRC) serves the MetroWest region of Eastern Cochituate Aqueducts, Natick, Mass.Massachusetts, from I-95 to I-495 along the Route 9 corridor.

We facilitate inter-local collaborative planning and problem solving to enhance the quality of life and economic competitiveness of the MetroWest region.

MWRC serves as a think tank and advocate for locally initiated regional solutions to policy and planning challenges shared by MetroWest communities.

MWRC remains committed to addressing the issues that transcend our municipal borders by promoting inter-municipal cooperation and guiding regional growth and change. MWRC continues to focus on issues such as land use, transportation, municipal governance, mitigation of development impacts, and coordination of municipal services.


Meetings & Events

MWRC Board Meeting
8:00-10:00AM Thursday, April 17, 2014
Ashland Town Hall, Selectmen's Boardroom

Next MWRC Board Meeting May 15, 2014, venue TBD.

Member Communities

MWRC represents the following nine municipalities: 

To learn more about the communities in the region


Route 9 Smart Growth Meeting

A meeting was held on December 4 at the Callahan Center in Framingham to discuss the future development of Route 9. Over 70 people attended the event and viewed a presentation by members of the MWRC and MAPC that examined the potential future development along Route 9 and how Smart Growth development techniques might be utilized.

View Route 9 Presentation                                                    




MetroWest Regional Collaborative

Each community has two representatives on the MetroWest Regional Collaborative; one member of the Board of Selectmen and one member of the Planning Board.

The MetroWest Regional Collaborative typically meets every other month.

Executive Board

The Executive Board meets monthly and is currently composed of the following members:

  • Josh Ostroff (Chair), Natick Selectman  
  • Jay Marsden (Vice Chair), Holliston Selectman
  • Preston Crow (Clerk), Ashland Planning Board
  • Dennis Giombetti, Framingham Selectman
  • Bill Boland, Southborough Selectman
  • Ellen Gibbs, Wellesley Selectman
  • Marc Draisen, MAPC Executive Director


Paul Dell'Aquila, Executive Director


Paul G. Boushell, Municipal Services Coordinator


24 Union Avenue, Suite 3
Framingham, MA 01702
(508) 881-2924



  • MetroWest Regional Open Space Connectivity Plan 

Full Report

       Ashland Map

       Framingham Map

Holliston Map

Marlborough Map

Natick Map

Southborough Map

Wayland Map

Wellesley Map

Weston Map

MetroWest Regional Map


Useful Links and Resources

Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Massachusetts State Legislature



Housing and Economic Development

Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO)

Central Transportation Planning Staff (CTPS)

Metro Boston Data Common




About our Logo

The configuration of hexagons in our logo abstractly represents the physical relationship of our nine member communities. Like bees in a hive and molecules in organic chemistry, the hexagons represent the towns working collaboratively to create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Hexagons have also represented city forms in planning theory, most notable Christaller's Central Place Theory in 19th century Germany. The color green represents environmental sustainability, and the blue and gray hexagons represent the towns outside our subregion with whom we seek to collaborate to achieve common regional goals.