Building support for transportation finance reform

On Monday, February 25, more than 100 people came to Salem’s Old Town Hall for an MAPC regional forum, co-sponsored by many local, regional, and statewide partners, focusing on the importance of investing in our transportation system.

MassDOT officials spoke about reforms that have been implemented, and the needs for investments so that the system we have today is maintained, and the system that the state needs for the future is attainable. Mayor Driscoll of Salem moderated a panel of business and municipal leaders who all agree that a strong transportation system is vital to a strong economy, and requires adequate funding to be realized.

This forum was one in a series of meetings intended to examine the importance of transportation investments, specifically the connection between a 21st century transportation system and a vibrant economy and way of life.

MAPC and its partners are working to build support among business, municipal, and civic leaders for a statewide, comprehensive transportation funding solution that serves all modes of travel and all users.

To learn more about these efforts, please visit the transportation finance reform page on MAPC’s website.