Calling All MAPC Fans – Help Us Name Our Next Regional Plan!

In October 2018, MAPC will launch a two-year planning process to update Greater Boston’s regional plan. To create the new plan, we will engage thousands of people who live, work, learn, and play in the Metro Boston area and develop action steps and goals to achieve a more equitable and sustainable region.

There’s just one problem: our temporary placeholder name has been “The Regional Plan Update” – a name only a planner could love. As MAPC develops the groundwork for the plan, we need a plan name that will motivate and inspire people from all over the region.

That’s where you come in: Who better to help us name our next big project than the people who read our blog, follow us on social media, or receive our monthly newsletter? So we’re opening it up to your suggestions.


Not sure about what a regional plan is, or what we’re looking for in a name? Read on!

A good name will…

  • Be short!
  • Remind people that we’re about the entire region, not just Boston
  • Convey a sense of excitement and forward motion
  • Be able to encompass a range of issues, from equity to land use to public health
  • Be easy to spell, pronounce, and have an easily recognizable meaning.

Please note that MAPC will decide on the final name. We can’t promise we’ll pick one of your suggestions, but we will definitely consider everything that comes our way! The name will be announced by late autumn.



Greater Boston is made up of 101 cities and towns. Each one is proud of what sets it apart: its history, its culture, and its priorities. Our local focus is part of who we are, and it’s a source of vitality and community strength.

But we also share aspirations and challenges. Making sure all have a true chance to thrive, ensuring our housing, infrastructure, and open spaces meet our real needs, and addressing climate change – these are issues MAPC regularly hears about from municipalities, and they are all opportunities bigger than any one place.

Moving toward the future we want won’t happen on its own. We can do it, but only by working together, which means planning together. That is what MAPC’s next regional plan will be all about.

The regional plan will take into account the natural and built environment, long-term trends, the expected impacts of climate change, and the need for greater equity. The ultimate product will include not only recommendations, but data, analysis, explanatory materials, and decision-making tools to promote and enable implementation.

Past Regional Plans

Our past two regional plans, MetroFuture and MetroPlan, were adopted in 1990 and 2008. During the MetroFuture planning process, MAPC engaged with thousands of residents, municipal officials, state agencies, businesses, community-based organizations, and institutional partners to come up with a comprehensive, regional, and long-range plan that recognized the region’s shared assets and challenges.

But it’s been 10 years since MetroFuture was adopted. The region – and the country – have changed a lot in that time and our planning must reflect that. There are new opportunities, challenges, and technologies that we need to understand and – in some cases – overcome to build a greater region.


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