Fix the T Calculator: Tell us how YOU would fill the MBTA’s budget gap

How should the MBTA fill next year’s $161 million budget gap? You tell us!

MAPC just launched our online MBTA Budget Calculator. This tool allows you to mix and match different elements from the MBTA’s own proposals to fill the budget gap, along with additional revenue and savings options proposed by the MBTA Advisory Board and others.

After a decade of chronic underfunding, the MBTA is facing a $161 million gap in its budget for fiscal year 2013, which begins on July 1st. The T has proposed two different packages of fare increases and service cuts (Scenario 1 and Scenario 2), both of which have generated strong public opposition. As the MBTA prepares to adopt a budget by April 15th, other ideas have been floated to fill the budget gap while avoiding the worst of the fare hikes and service cuts.

MAPC created this budget calculator to collect these ideas in one place and give people an opportunity to come up with their own plan. Even better, the website includes a link that allows users to share their ideas with their legislators.

Visit today to try your hand at fixing the MBTA’s budget!

How to use the Fix The T calculator:

  • Step 1 – choose the options you think the MBTA should use when filling next year’s budget gap. Options include proposals from the 2 scenarios offered by the T, as well as revenue-raising and cost-saving measures that have been suggested by the MBTA Advisory Board and others.
  • Step 2 – Submit your budget proposal and see how it compares to other users of the calculator. MAPC will compile all of the submission results pass on your ideas to the Legislature, the Governor, and the Secretary of Transportation.
  • Step 3 – Email your legislator and tell them how you think the T’s finances should be fixed.

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