MAPC Interdisciplinary Team Wins Massachusetts American Planning Association Award

MAPC’s “Placemaking in Malden” project today won the Social Advocacy Award from the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Planning Association.

MAPC’s interdisciplinary approach was reflected in the range of planners involved in the project: Eric Halvorsen, Assistant Director of Transportation; Barry Keppard, Public Health Manager; Kate Ito, Former Public Health Planner; Jennifer Raitt, Assistant Director of Land Use Planning & Chief Housing Planner; Joan Blaustein, Senior Regional Planner; Alison Felix AICP, Transportation Planner; along with Mass in Motion Coordinator Christina Murphy and the Principle Group’s Russell Preston.

The goal of the Placemaking in Malden project, which took place in the spring and summer of 2014, was to involve youth in addressing the causes and effects of unsafe environments, and to promote emotional wellbeing and healthy behaviors. Using techniques developed in MAPC’s Photovoice projects, Placemaking Malden distributed cameras to high school students and encouraged them to document unsafe or unhealthy places in their community. The project resulted in financial commitments from the Mayor of Malden to make several of the changes the students recommended.

MAPC is set to carry out a similar project in East Boston in partnership with the Neighborhood of Affordable Housing with support from the Boston Alliance for Community Health.

Plan Downtown Malden, which was a project done through MAPC’s HUD-funded Sustainable Communities grant by students of the Urban Planning Studio at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, also won an award, the Student Project Award. MAPC staff advised the students throughout their studio work and reviewed and adapted the final student plan into a blueprint for action.

Congratulations to students Katherine Anderson, Raven Anderson, Phillip Baker, Mariana Barrera, Elise Baudon, Charles Brennan, Angela Clubb, Christopher Colley, Theodore Conrad, Timothy Czerwienski, Farah Ereiqat, Natalia Gaerlan, David Ginsberg, William Hewitt, Christine Hwang, Christopher Johnson, Trevor Johnson, Kutesa Kaneene, Jennifer Lee Wei Li, Adrienne Mathews, Thomas McCourt, Edward Meng, Susan Nguyen, Ellen Nicholson, Frankie Refuerzo, Benjamin Scheerbarth, Lydia Scott, Thomas Skwierawski, William Stein, Enze Tian, Alison Tramba, Nicholas Zimmermann; Core Faculty Dan D’Oca and Ann Forsyth; Coordinator Kathryn Madden; and Teaching Assistants Susie Chung, Tom Leighton, Catherine Lin, Holly Masek, and Oscar Quintanilla.